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Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation is the process of taking a conventional vented crawl space and transforming it into a clean, energy efficient, pest free area under your home. A specially developed crawl space liner is installed along the floor and walls of your crawl space, and is paired with a custom designed drainage system underneath the liner. This liner is forms a seal inside your crawl space, and is far more air-tight than a normal vapor barrier. Together, these two parts ensure that the crawl space is free from drafty, humid air, and that no standing water is able to pool under your home. The fiberglass insulation currently under your floors is holding onto moisture and is a perfect nest area for pests. This insulation is removed and replaced by foam board insulation on the outside walls of your crawl space. With this, your crawl space becomes more energy efficient and is far less likely to house damaging and unhealthy pests.

Encapsulation Specialists will work with you to determine what your home needs to be water-free, energy efficient, and a less attractive target for pests.

Together, we can make your crawl space less like this:

Before WhiteCap Encapsulation Installation

And more like this!