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Radon resistant new construction

The Radon Specialist, Greensboro, Radon Mitigation in New Construction

Radon resistant new construction (RRNC) is quickly becoming a hot topic for new homes and buildings. Radon resistant new construction techniques control radon gas entry through the installation of a passive radon mitigation system. When installed correctly by a licensed radon contractor, passive radon systems can help to prevent radon gas entry without the use of a radon vent fan. These systems are more economical for consumers as the cost to install is typically less than retrofit applications and compared to active radon systems the electrical and heat energy savings are great.

Passive sub-slab suction is the same as active sub-slab suction except it relies on natural pressure differentials and air currents instead of a fan to draw radon up from below the home. Passive sub-slab suction is usually associated with radon-resistant features installed in newly constructed homes. Passive sub-slab suction is generally not as effective in reducing high radon levels as active sub-slab suction.